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The Gmo Trilogy And Seeds of Deception Set 2 DVD Rips 1 ebook amp Audio CD HQ :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Gmo Trilogy And Seeds of Deception Set 2 DVD Rips 1 ebook amp Audio CD HQ


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2010-06-09 11:07:34

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BOOK: Seeds of Deception
This explosive expose reveals what the biotech industry doesnt want
you to know - how industry manipulation and political collusion, not
sound science, allow dangerous genetically engineered food into your
daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health
dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure applied.
Chapters read like adventure stories and are hard to put down:
- Scientists were offered bribes or threatened. Evidence was stolen.
Data was omitted or distorted.
- Government employees who complained were harassed, stripped of
responsibilities, or fired.
- Laboratory rats fed a GM crop developed stomach lesions and seven of
the forty died within two weeks. The crop was approved without further
- The only independent in-depth feeding study ever conducted showed
evidence of alarming health dangers. When the scientist tried to alert
the public, he lost his job and was silenced with threats of a
Read the actual internal memos by FDA scientists, warning of toxins,
allergies, and new diseases - all ignored by their superiors,
including a former attorney for Monsanto. Learn why the FDA withheld
information from Congress after a genetically modified supplement
killed nearly a hundred people and disabled thousands.
DVD 1: Unnatural Selection (retitled "Life Running Out of Control" +
This stunning, award-winning documentary by Bertram Verhaag and
Gabriele Kr~=ber reveals harsh consequences of genetic engineering on
three continents. Vandana Shiva, Andrew Kimbrell, Percy Schmeiser and
others, describe uncontrollable, self-replicating GM contamination,
failed crops, farmer suicides, and new GM animals that threaten
natural populations. This stunning European documentary made available
for the first time in the US, reveals several harsh consequences of
genetic engineering worldwide. A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer
suicides in India. Windborne GM canola contaminates organic and
conventional farms in Canada. One farmer fights Monsanto in the
Supreme Court. A company seeks approval for giant GM salmon that may
threaten the survival of the natural species. GM pigs are born with
ghastly mutations. And experts reveal how inadequate testing and
regulations put us at risk. It features Vandana Shiva, Andrew
Kimbrell, Percy Schmeiser and others.
DVD 2: Hidden Dangers in Kids Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods (+
Shocking research results, inadequate regulations and warnings from
eminent scientists explain why GM foods are dangerous and should be
removed from kids meals. The dramatic story of how student behavior
in a Wisconsin school was transformed with a healthy diet provides
added motivation to make a change. It features Jeffrey Smith and more
than a dozen scientists and experts.
AUDIO CD: Youre Eating What?
Jeffrey Smith, author of the worlds bestselling book on GM foods,
Seeds of Deception, describes how biotech companies rigged research,
hid health dangers and pressured government regulators to approve food
that even FDA scientists said was unsafe.

[50] - Documentaries, videos,
ebooks, texts and news related to permaculture, gardening, nature,
indigenous people, animal rights, ecology and health.

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