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Jared DiamondCollapseHow Societies Choose to Fail or SucceedAudiobook :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Jared DiamondCollapseHow Societies Choose to Fail or SucceedAudiobook


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2010-05-13 13:52:48

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Jared Diamond--Collapse-How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed-2005
- [52]
Jared Diamond--Collapse-How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
Produced by Penguin Audio
Duration: 7h 29min 29 sec
Files: 100
Quality: 32 kbps 22 kHz Mono (Not high but perfectly listenable.)
In his Pulitzer Prize?winning bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel,
geographer Diamond laid out a grand view of the organic roots of human
civilizations in flora, fauna, climate and geology. That vision takes
on apocalyptic overtones in this fascinating comparative study of
societies that have, sometimes fatally, undermined their own
ecological foundations. Diamond examines storied examples of human
economic and social collapse, and even extinction, including Easter
Island, classical Mayan civilization and the Greenland Norse. He
explores patterns of population growth, overfarming, overgrazing and
overhunting, often abetted by drought, cold, rigid social mores and
warfare, that lead inexorably to vicious circles of deforestation,
erosion and starvation prompted by the disappearance of plant and
animal food sources. Extending his treatment to contemporary
environmental trouble spots, from Montana to China to Australia, he
finds todays global, technologically advanced civilization very far
from solving the problems that plagued primitive, isolated communities
in the remote past. At times Diamond comes close to a counsel of
despair when contemplating the environmental havoc engulfing our
rapidly industrializing planet, but he holds out hope at examples of
sustainability from highland New Guineas age-old but highly diverse
and efficient agriculture to Japans rigorous program of forest
protection and, less convincingly, in recent green consumerism
initiatives. Diamond is a brilliant expositor of everything from
anthropology to zoology, providing a lucid background of scientific
lore to support a stimulating, incisive historical account of these
many declines and falls. Readers will find his book an enthralling,
and disturbing, reminder of the indissoluble links that bind humans to
Prologue : a tale of two farms 1
Pt. 1 Modern Montana 25
Ch. 1 Under Montanas big sky 27
Pt. 2 Past societies 77
Ch. 2 Twilight at Easter 79
Ch. 3 The last people alive : Pitcairn and Henderson Islands 120
Ch. 4 The ancient ones : the Anasazi and their neighbors 136
Ch. 5 The Maya collapses 157
Ch. 6 The Viking prelude and fugues 178
Ch. 7 Norse Greenlands flowering 211
Ch. 8 Norse Greenlands end 248
Ch. 9 Opposite paths to success 277
Pt. 3 Modern societies 309
Ch. 10 Malthus in Africa : Rwandas genocide 311
Ch. 11 One Island, two peoples, two histories : the Dominican Republic
and Haiti 329
Ch. 12 China, lurching giant 358
Ch. 13 "Mining" Australia 378
Pt. 4 Practical lessons 417
Ch. 14 Why do some societies make disastrous decisions? 419
Ch. 15 Big businesses and the environment : different conditions,
different outcomes 441
Ch. 16 The world as a polder : what does it all mean to us today?
E-books about Anarchism, Ecology and Permaculture -

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