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Dec 2010

We are working on a new site with all new updated/upgraded web/tracker application server and migrating all existing data into a new domain

Jan. 2008 Site News Update

As you know, we launched this site around Sept 2007!

After reviewing the stats on web site and specifically some of the torrents posted, we have realized reception has not been too bad!

Here are some stats from some of the few weeks:

Weekly Stats Report: 19 Nov - 25 Nov 2007

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 35 93 199 66 109 180 83 765 109
Unique Visitors 17 51 68 30 41 76 34 317 45
First Time Visitors 9 43 57 15 29 61 24 238 34
Returning Visitors 8 8 11 15 12 15 10 79 11

Weekly Stats Report: 26 Nov - 2 Dec 2007

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 203 163 163 256 281 370 360 1,796 257
Unique Visitors 71 32 55 97 75 76 85 491 70
First Time Visitors 48 20 38 80 55 48 53 342 49
Returning Visitors 23 12 17 17 20 28 32 149 21

Weekly Stats Report: 3 Dec - 9 Dec 2007

  Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Total Avg
Pageloads 507 299 328 233 280 237 235 2,119 303
Unique Visitors 211 97 114 98 132 72 88 812 116
First Time Visitors 171 62 77 66 98 45 52 571 82
Returning Visitors 40 35 37 32 34 27 36 241 34

Thank you for visit/support and your contribution.

Here are the latest:

1) Due to some of the ISP's bit torrent traffic shaping, Web server will be restarted in an instance, right on the hours of 3,9,15,21 (GMT -8:00) Pacific time (US & Canada) zone. Just keep that in mind, while logging in or registering or expecting a result from the site during those seconds.

2) Few of the external trackers might not allow scraping, therefore torrents stats (number of seeds/leecher/completed) might not be correct for the torrents residing with them.

3) Our web and database servers do need to be upgraded to handle the growth. We need help in order to cover the cost of our current operations and future upgrades to a faster server/bandwidth and implement many other features/operations (load balancing, redundancy, backups, dedicated servers and etc) that we have planned. Keep donations coming, so we can get going on our lists. Thank you.

4) We recommend using Mozilla Firefox for better experience and performance while using this site.

5) Automated script will be delayed until later. A change in mail server to accomodate reverse MX checking so registration mail can go thru! New site under development. Preview here

That's it for now. We'll share more as we find out more.


Jan 2009 Site Status:
All weekly and latest stats will be saved here

For partnership/affiliation, placing advertisement and other outlet connections such as press, media, news, business and technology integration or to provide grants, funding and large contributions, feel free to contact admin at progressivetorrents dot com via email.

Here is a summary of the achievement since launch of site:
We provided extensive bug reporting and feedbacks on network congestion and operation of tracker and all around software bugs to the developers of the open source software (PMBT=phpMyBitTorrent) specially during the first 6 months . Some of our bugs were very important to growth of PMBT to next generation and some also were crucial to our own learning curve with the software

Keep in mind we decided to go with the very first release version of pmbt which is 1.2.2 and therefore very young and full of issues

- We continued to work with developers and stablized and enhanced performance tunning of the tracker and operation of the site and we added more home-made features and customization and fixes and etc..

We added numerous customized fetures for the site by programming new hacks and modification and provided support to the open source community.
We fixed many of our own site server operational bugs (OS,virtualization,php,mysql,apache and etc)

- we with help of developers from PMBT fixed the multi-tracking torrents that use our tracker and now we can see the peers distributed on our tracker if torrent is multi-tracked

- we have added a loadbalancing - and with next version of software pmbt 2, we'll have two targets (servers)

- we have automated few scrpts to downlaod automatically from other sites into a mass upload mechanism inherited in the pmbt. We like to integrate ibitizy, but it is much more difficult, cause we have to review torrent description, unlike many other trackers that import everything in order to have more all together general purpose torrents.

We also orginally wanted to change pmbt to all together another software (xbtit tracker) and it was 80% of conversion successful and we were committed in the change over , but then we decided to stick around with the pmbt developers as they started to be more helpful and understanding.

Currently, we are now working and learning the next generation of pmbt (version 2) that will provide forum integration and includes many new features and fixes and operational changes when you cruise through the site

We are working on a plan to change the site over to version 2 pmbt

Our pageload stats are now posted as stated above and our number of visitors and pageloads have increased since launch of the site around second half of 2007. Hopefully this site has been able to help people's lives and create a larger community of progressive minded people.

We truely thank you for all your leeching, seeding, past donations and future donations, visiting sponsor advertisment and all other help that you have provided in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Maybe next site news/status won't come only on every january of the year!

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