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Yellow Vests rise against neo-liberal ‘King’ Macron
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Economic Update: US Housing Crisis
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Noam Chomsky on Trump and the decline of the American Superpower
Jeremy Scahill on the Military Industrial Complex, Donald Trump, Ramstein & Anti-War Movements
World’s 8 Richest Have as Much Wealth as Bottom Half, Oxfam Says
One Belt, One Road
Slavoj Zizek on Trump and Brexit - BBC News
A Theory of China’s ‘Miracle’
"Fixing Capitalism v. Moving to Another System" with Richard D. Wolff: Jan Monthly Economic Update 2017
From Primitive to Substantive Equality-via Slavery by István Mészáros
Economic Update: Xmas vs Economic Realities [2016.12.22]
Global Capitalism: Trump's Plans for Jobs, Taxes, Trade [DECEMBER 2016]
Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace
The Election of Donald Trump by Samir Amin
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Jeremy Scahill: Mike Pence Has "Militant Agenda" Against Women, the Poor, Immigrants, LGBTQ People
Real Time Season Finale
Naomi Klein: It was the Democrat's embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump
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Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century
The ABCs of the Economic Crisis: What Working People Need to Know
America's Apology Tour by Obama!
GOP, a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History-Noam Chomsky
The Occupation of the American Mind (3/3)
Climate Change & Nuclear Proliferation-Noam Chomsky
The Occupation of the American Mind (2/3)
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How Capitalism is Killing Itself

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Professional Formatting, Encoding, Publishing Services
for Content Promotion, Marketing and Distribution

Harness one layer of cloud computing-the power of bittorrent p2p volunteer computing, publishing and file sharing for your material/content/product and cause promotion in order to gain more supporters and consumers! We can help you!
This is the best marketing that you can ever think of and all for a great price. Let the masses choose to help you!

For Institutaions, Directors, Publishers, Producers, TV/Radio/Media broadcasters and all organizations that has some sort of synergy with our content listing tendencies (Progressive/educational/public broadcasting/documentary Materials) and would like to use our site to promote or market your documentary/films/movies, audio and other such contents, please note the following information/services that we offer specifically for this purpose.

  • We can help you with promotion of your product with a complete reproduction of your product and listing of your product on our site and many other bittorent trackers that are available for world wide web users. Our site has unique exclusive progressive members that can help you gain the most out of your media/content. They provide you free of charge volunteer distribution, social networking links built into our torrent detail pages and discussions and posts in our upcoming forum/blogging pages and with purchases of your CD/DVDs.

    This service for this site is only provided to progressive based groups and companies and organization and we have the rights to deny service request based on the content of your material. If your content is not designed for this site, we will refer you to another partner of ours, who can take your service request and help you out.

  • We can capture and then format/re-create your content at a very low quality of 700 kbps video bitrate xvid avi format. Not only that will save diskspace but also for faster redistribution. Standard definition interlaced TV (sdtv) recording is very low quality to begin with and then we will degrade it further from quality of 80,000kpbs capture to output of 700kpbs. To go from a low live analog tv over the air broadcast to a converted, encoded, compressed lowest quality xvid avi format, these steps are taken:.

    1) recording in dvr-ms format (standard definition interlaced tv recording and not HDTV recording ) at normal capture rate of any tv recorder
    2) dvr-ms format is converted to mpeg format
    3) mpeg format is then again encoded, decompressed and cropped to low quality of 700 kbps video bitrate xvid avi format
    4) The result is the lowest quality output that is possible and is much lower than your normal interlaced over the air analog tv broadcast!

  • You can contact us and give us permission and then ship your media to us, we will degrade and reproduce your content at the lowest possible quality as mentioned above and publish your content on the index. You also can provide us a link to your DVD or actual product media store where you like us to link our members to. We'll ship your media back to you.

  • You also need to provide description of your content and perhaps causes that it might serve, so there is more eagerness for our members to purchase your products

  • Contact us at admin at for all the details and then we can give a special nominal non-profit public service fee for reproduction, handling, listing and promotion of your product. We are able to promote it with the low quatlity output that we produce and put it on numerous bittorrent trackers around the world with description and link to your dvd store for highest exposure and customer interest.

Here is some more information materials on vide bitrates so you can make informed decision specially when you are a legitimate copyright holder and before sending us email for removal of a torrent. We don't have resources to verify all contents, so from time to time we will have to rely on copyright holder to email us for removal of torrents indexed. Half of torrents are fetched automatically from the internet and others are manually picked but still not verified!

Following information will help you understand how we can help you promote your materials. Here are the rate of the most used content and what designation they represents:

  • 16 kbit/s – videophone quality (minimum necessary for a consumer-acceptable "talking head" picture using various video compression schemes)

  • 128 – 384 kbit/s – business-oriented videoconferencing quality using video compression

  • 1.25 Mbit/s – VCD quality (with bit-rate reduction from MPEG-1 video compression)[citation needed]

  • 1374 kbit/s – VCD (Video CD) – audio and video streams multiplexed in an MPEG-PS

  • 5 Mbit/s typ – DVD quality (with bit-rate reduction from MPEG-2 compression)

  • 8 to 15 Mbit/s typ – HDTV quality (with bit-rate reduction from MPEG-4 AVC compression)

  • 29.4 Mbit/s max – HD DVD

  • 40 Mbit/s max – Blu-ray Disc

As you can note from table above, where our special sdtv xvid compression, formatting and conversion services of a low 700kbits sits versus SDTV, DVD or HDTV or Blu-ray. We can take your high quality media to a very low quality and publish it for promotion/marketing and provide a link to your DVD sales store of your choice.

This service is done for promoting progressive materials and so everyone's interest and high quality copyrights for re-distribution and re-production are protected. Consumers will get a glimpse of materials at a very low quality (below standard tv) and high quality media is protected from all your hard work that was placed behind the production of it, plus the cause is contemplated upon and respected and supported. Contact us and send us your dvd and we'll help you promote it.

Email us to admin at progressivetorrents dot com for this service with your questions and we will discuss nominal rates, production quality and placement reach that is best suited for your material/product.


Following is some more info on "Fair Use" and copyright and so forth: Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair: 1. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes 2. The nature of the copyrighted work 3. The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole 4. The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work

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