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Enqute Sur Un Monde aka Investigation Into The Invisible World Roux 2002ExtrasaNaRCHo :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Enqute Sur Un Monde aka Investigation Into The Invisible World Roux 2002ExtrasaNaRCHo


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2011-03-14 09:48:33

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Enquête Sur Un Monde (aka Investigation Into The Invisible World)
(Roux, 2002)[+Extras]-aNaRCHo
Also included, short documentary: Elfland - Enquête Sur Un Monde
(Elfland - Investigation Into The Invisible World) (Roux,
Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, Monsters or Aliens? How
about Elves, Fairies, Trolls, Dwarfs, and Gnomes? Or, perhaps, the
abilities of Mediums and Clairvoyants?
Prepare to have your worldview changed forever.
In his film, "Investigation Into The Invisible World", French
filmmaker Jean-Michel Roux takes us on a magical journey into the
Island of Iceland, whose culture and people are still able to perceive
and interact with the various beings that inhabit this intriguing
invisible realm.
"Iceland, the worlds largest volcanic island, lies just North of the
Arctic Circle where the European and American tectonic plates meet.
Earthquakes and eruptions regularly alter the countrys surface. In
874 Norwegian farmers and Vikings settled this wild land with Irish
slaves. In 930 they founded the Althing, Europes first Democratic
Assembly. In 1864 Jules Verne placed the entrance to the center of the
earth on the Snaeffels Volcano. In 1980, the Icelanders elected the
worlds first female President. The 283,000 inhabitants speak almost
the same language as their ancestors: Old Norse. On my first visit to
Iceland, I discovered that most Icelanders believe in hidden beings. A
minority claim to be in contact with these hidden beings. Therefore, I
decided to investigate the phenomenon. This documentary is a result of
several years of investigation --Jean-Michel Roux" [films intro]
The film opens with a scene of rebirth in which Roux subsequently
brings us on a journey into the magical world that still exists on the
islands of Iceland, as well as the hearts and minds of the people who
live there.
We hear the stories and experiences of the island nations intriguing
inhabitants- from those who claim to be Mediums (who possess the
ability to see/contact the invisible worlds), both young and old; to
regular citizens who have had inexplicable experiences; and even the
politicians, public servants and other notable citizens (like film
directors Friðrik ½zór Friðriksson & Baltasar Kormákur...and even
strongman Magnús Ver Magnússon!) who reflect on instances that they
have experienced first hand or heard about.
During his investigation, Roux reveals that the invisible world of
Elves, Gnomes, Trolls and Dwarfs are inexplicably linked to the
Islands magnificent geology- the earthquakes, volcanoes and giant
rocks that are imbued with precious metals, minerals, stone...and,
perhaps even, (un)seen spiritual entities. We learn that these
seemingly lifeless geological constructs are actually the homes and
communities of these magnificent beings that are only visible to
children and the gifted few.
As a microcosm to the macrocosm, Roux includes a segment from his
earlier short film "Elfland" (also included in this pack as an Extra
Feature), in which a road crew is carrying out maintenance on a
section of road near some standing stones said to be the homes of a
group of Elves. During excavation (in which the stones were to be
moved) the equipment began to break down, and the workers believed it
was a result of sabotage by the Elves. To overcome this stalemate, a
Medium was brought in to assess the situation. She told the men that
it would be ok to move the rocks as long as it were done carefully.
After a lengthy delay, the construction crew complied and they were
able to finish the job without incident.
From the children and families- who share the land with these hidden
entities; to the public servants- police, elected politicians and
public workers; the clairvoyants and mediums - who are able to
perceive these worlds for us; the Herzogian experts- who straddle on
the border between absurd and brilliant- and even those who arent
sure what they have seen or believe... the Invisible World and its
many inhabitants have managed to saturate (or at least touch) the
lives of every Icelander. The film provides us with a privileged
glimpse into the magical world of the Icelandic people by allowing us
to get to know them intimately- as the interviewees gaze straight into
the camera as if engaging with us, the viewers, directly.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this documentary and cant recommend it enough! A
truly magical, mindblowing experience. It is extremely beautifully
shot- it has this glow; this aura that perfectly reflects how magical
this film really is...and the aerial shots are absolutely stunning-
and focuses on some of the most heartwarming and intriguing people
ever captured on celluloid. This masterpiece will have you reflecting
on what you thought you knew and may just change the very way you look
at the world, forever. If it doesnt help to bring back some of the
magic that has been lost in your life...then nothing will. It is about
time we all got back in touch with the invisible world. A MUST SEE. 10
out 10, without question.
-Elfland - Enquête Sur Un Monde (Elfland - Investigation Into The
Invisible World) (Roux, 1997)(eng & french subs included)
-Extra 2 - Location Shooting & Preparation For The Film With
Commentary By The Director (intertitles in french, i made english
subtitles from scratch for this so pardon any translation or timing
-French Theatrical Trailer (eng subs included)

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