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Frankensteer :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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2011-02-06 13:46:00

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documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow has been turned into an
antibiotic-dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic
bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food. Frankensteer exposes the
harsh and sometimes frightening realities of how our beef gets to our
According to this compelling documentary, the beef industry, supported
by North American government agencies and pharmaceutical companies,
has engaged in an on-going experiment to create the perfect food
machine. Their goal is to increase speed of production and reduce the
cost of manufacture. But there is a price in producing a cheap
industrial product. This benign, grazing herbivore has undergone a
transformation in how its raised, fed and slaughtered. And consumers,
by and large, are totally unaware of the dangers lurking in their
beloved steaks, ribs and, most especially, hamburgers.
According to Mike McBane of the Canadian Health Coalition, "When you
bring a package of hamburger home from a supermarket, you have to
treat it as toxic material..."
Frankensteer reveals some startling facts: Every year, 50 per cent of
the total tonnage of antibiotics used in Canada ends up in livestock.
And every year cattle raised in massive feedlots are routinely dosed
with antibiotics even if they are not sick. For public health safety
reasons during the current BSE (Mad Cow) crisis, North American health
officials have labeled certain parts of the cow as bio-hazardous
products and have ordered that they be handled accordingly. And,
recent changes in inspection rules have shifted the responsibility for
food safety from government inspectors to the people on the floor who
do the slaughtering and packing.
Frankensteer is written and narrated by Ted Remerowski and produced
and directed by Marrin Canell and Ted Remerowski. It is a production
of Paradigm Pictures."
File Name:.........Frankensteer.avi
Runtime:............44mn 55s
Filesize:.............560 MiB
Video codec:...............Xvid
Video aspect ratio:....16:9
Video width x height:.512x288
Video framerate:........29.970 fps
Video bitrate:..............1 497 Kbps
Audio type:................MP3
Audio channels:.......2 ch
Audio sample rate:..48.0 KHz
Audio bitrate:.............128 Kbps (cbr)
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