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Democracy Now 2008-0305.mp4.torrent :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Democracy Now 2008-0305 mp4 torrent


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2008-03-05 11:39:51

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    As Clinton Stages Comeback, Democracy Now! Hosts Debate Between Vermont's Former Governor Madeleine Kunin and Obama Superdelegate Chuck Ross

    Senator Hillary Clinton won the crucial Ohio and Texas primaries Tuesday night, ending a string of twelve straight defeats in the race for the Democratic nomination against Senator Barack Obama. Clinton also won Rhode Island, while Obama won in Vermont. The final results of the Texas caucuses are not yet known, with the outcome likely to stay up in the air until later today. We host a debate between the only woman ever elected governor of Vermont, Madeleine Kunin, and Senator Patrick Leahy’s state director, Chuck Ross. [includes rush transcript]


    Democrats Prepare to Grant Telecoms Immunity for Illegal Spying

    House and Senate Democratic leaders are reportedly preparing to cave in to threats by President Bush and grant some form of immunity to the telecommunication companies that helped the government spy on Americans. We speak to attorney and blogger Glenn Greenwald. [includes rush transcript]


    Iran Contra 2.0: How the Bush Admin Lied to Congress and Armed Fatah to Provoke Palestinian Civil War Aiming to Overthrow Hamas

    In its latest issue, Vanity Fair reports that the White House tried to organize the armed overthrow of the Hamas-led goverment after Hamas swept Palestinian elections two years ago. According to the article, the Bush administration lied to Congress and boosted military support for rival Palestinian faction Fatah in the aim of provoking a Palestinian civil war they thought Hamas would lose. Vanity Fair dubbed the episode “Iran Contra 2.0”—a reference to the Reagan administration’s funding of Nicaraguan Contras by covertly selling arms to Iran. We speak with David Rose, the journalist who broke the story. [includes rush transcript]

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