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PBS NOVA Mind over Money 2010 HDTV XviDFQM :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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PBS NOVA Mind over Money 2010 HDTV XviDFQM


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2010-05-07 09:53:27

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558.64 MB

PBS NOVA: Mind over Money (2010.HDTV.XviD-FQM)
Premiere Broadcast on PBS: April 27, 2010
NOVA presents "Behavioral Economics," an exploration of why mainstream
economists failed to predict the crash of 2008 and why we so often
make irrational financial decisions. The mysterious and surprising
nature of the two most powerful forces on the planet: the human mind
and money are exposed. Complelling experiments reveal controversial
new arguments about the world of finance.
Program Description
In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis since the Great
Depression, NOVA presents "Mind Over Money"--an entertaining and
penetrating exploration of why mainstream economists failed to predict
the crash of 2008 and why we so often make irrational financial
decisions. Its a show that reveals how our emotions interfere with
our decision-making and explores controversial new arguments about the
world of finance. Before the current crash, most Wall Street analysts
believed that markets are "efficient"--that investors are reasonable
and always operate in their own economic self-interest. Most of the
time, these assumptions of classical economics work well enough. But
in extreme situations, people panic and conventional theories
collapse. In the face of the recent crash, can a new science that aims
to incorporate human psychology into finance--behavioral economics--do
"Mind Over Money" features some of this new fields most compelling
experiments. Well see how the brains and bodies of Wall Street
traders respond as they buy and sell stocks. Well watch as an
ingenious experiment reveals how an excessive number of spending
choices can overwhelm consumers ability to make rational decisions.
Through these entertaining real-life experiments, NOVA will show how
mood, decision-making, and economic activity are all tightly
interwoven. By delivering unexpected insights from leading analysts
and powerful experiments, "Mind Over Money" exposes the mysterious and
surprising nature of two of the most powerful forces on our planet:
the human mind and money.
Episode webpage: [52]
Release Type.....: HDTV
Series...........: NOVA
Genre............: Documentary
Episode..........: S37E17
Title............: Mind Over Money
Orig. Air Date...: 27 Apr 2010
Release Date.....: 30 Apr 2010
Runtime..........: 52:55.275
File Size........: 576,647,074 (550MB)
Source...........: 1080i HDTV
Video Format.....: XviD
Video Resolution.: 624x352
Video Bitrate....: 1278 kbps
Video Framerate..: 29.970
Audio Format.....: MP3 VBR
Audio Bitrate....: 162 kbps average
Audio Sample Rate: 48 KHz
Release Notes
Were not sure how a progam shot in the US by a US crew managed to
have such a shitty mix of 24, 50, and 60Hz content, but somehow WGBH
managed. We elected to leave this at 30fps because RePal would just
fuck it up worse.
Resources and links to related material
1) [53]TVO - The Agenda - March 18, 2009: Dan Ariely on behavioural
[54]TVO - The Agenda with Steve Paikin - January 6, 2010: The Limits
of Economics
2) An Anarchist FAQ: [55]C.1 What is wrong with economics?
3) Lecture by Professor Rick Wolff, Department of Economics at the
University of Massachusetts - Amherst on October 7, 2008:
[56]Capitalism hits the fan: A Marxist analysis of the current
economic/financial crisis
4) [57]TVO - Allan Gregg in Conversation, June 26, 2009: Joseph Heath
on economic fallacies
5) [58]TVO - The Agenda with Steve Paikin, May 1, 2009: Leo Panitch -
The radical critiques of capitalism
[59]TVO - The Agenda with Steve Paikin, March 12, 2008: Has the Third
Way Lost Its Way?
[60]TVO - Big Ideas, May 2, 2009: Leo Panitch on the lessons of
[61]Foreign Policy magazine: Thoroughly Modern Marx BY LEO PANITCH |
APRIL 15, 2009
[62]Foreign Policy magazine: When it comes to Marx, theres no time
like the present by Matthew Yglesias Monday, May 4, 2009
[63]Foreign Policy magazine: What Matthew Yglesias still doesnt get
about Marx By Leo Panitch Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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