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Guy Debord La Societe du spectacle and other Debord movies :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Guy Debord La Societe du spectacle and other Debord movies


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2010-05-07 09:53:26

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Download: Guy Debord - The Society of the Spectacle:
Download: Guy Debord and the Situationist International - Texts and
Documents (October Books) - [53]
Misc films of and/or with Guy Debord.
Self-proclaimed leader of the Situationist International, Guy Debord
was certainly responsible for the longevity and high profile of
Situationist ideas, although the equation of the SI with Guy Debord
would be misleading. Brilliant but autocratic, Debord helped both
unify situationist praxis and destroy its expansion into areas not
explicitly in line with his own ideas. His text The Society of the
Spectacle remains today one of the great theoretical works on
modern-day capital, cultural imperialism, and the role of mediation in
social relationships.
After the dissolution of the Situationist International, Debord was
tangentially implicated in the assassination of his friend and
publisher Gérard Lebovici. The accusations infuriated Debord, and he
consequently prohibited the showing of his films in France during his
lifetime. Debord continued writing, and in 1989 he published his
Commentaries on the Society of the Spectacle, arguing that everything
he wrote in 1967 was still true, with one major exeception: the
society of the spectacle had reached a new form, that of the
integrated spectacle. The prospect of overturning the society of the
spectacle seemed more unlikely than ever. In December of 1994, at the
age of 62, Debord killed himself. The French press, who had always
repudiated the significance of the Situationist International,
suddenly made him a celebrity.
English subs included
1. Hurlements en faveur de Sade (1952)
(Length: 1:03:31, Resolution: 368x256, Size: 158,9 mb)
On the 30th of June 1952 the film Hurlements en faveur de Sade by Guy
Debord premiered in Ciné-Club dAvant-Gardes at the Musée de lHomme
in Paris....
2. Sur le passage de quelques personnes a travers une assez courte
unité de temps (1959)
(Length: 0:18:48, Resolution: 656x480, Size: 248,1 mb)
3. Critique de la séparation (1961)
(Length: 0:17:23, Resolution: 368x256, Size: 249,5 mb)
4. (Annonce.avi?)
(Length: 0:01:04, Resolution: 720x512, Size: 39,0 mb)
5. Société du spectacle, La (1973)
(Length: 1:27:18, Resolution: 560x400, Size: 699,6 mb)
6. Réfutation de tous les jugements, tant élogieux quhostiles, qui
ont été jusquici portés sur le film La société du spectacle (1975)
(Length: 0:21:12, Resolution: 688x496, Size: 298,8 mb)
7. (Annonce.avi?)
(Length: 0:02:08, Resolution: 720x512, Size: 45,3 mb)
8. In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978)
(Length: 1:35:07, Resolution: 528x384, Size: 699,4 mb)
9. (Canal 1994.avi?)
(Length: 0:59:44, Resolution: 624x448 Size: 158,9 mb)
10. (Polynévrite.avi?)
(Length: 0:00:43, Resolution: 512x384, Size: 20,1 mb)
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Download ebooks: T. A. Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological
Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism By Hakim Bey -
[57]Download E-books about Anarchism, Ecology and Permaculture -

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