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Mao_Zedong_ _The_Struggle_In_The_Chingkang_Mountains_(1928).4511844.TPB :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Mao Zedong The Struggle In The Chingkang Mountains (1928) 4511844 TPB


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2010-03-21 00:43:19

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This was a report submitted by Comrade Mao Tse-tung to the Central Committee of
the Communist Party of China comparatively stable, as it was in the southern p
rovinces after April this year, our strategy must be one of gradual advance. In
such a period, the worst thing in military affairs is to divide our forces for
an adventurous advance, and the worst thing in local work (distributing land,
establishing political power, expanding the Party and organizing local armed fo
rces) is to scatter our personnel and neglect to lay a solid foundation in the
central districts. The defeats which many small Red areas have suffered have be
en due either to the absence of the requisite objective conditions or to subjec
tive mistakes in tactics. Mistakes in tactics have been made solely because of
failure to distinguish clearly between the two kinds of period, that in which t
he regime of the ruling classes is temporarily stable and that in which it is s
plit up. In a period of temporary stability, some comrades advocated dividing o
ur forces for an adventurous advance and even proposed leaving the defence of e
xtensive areas to the Red Guards alone, as though oblivious of the fact that th
e enemy could attack not merely with the landlords levies but even in concentr
ated operations with regular troops. In local work, they utterly neglected to l
ay a solid foundation in the central districts and attempted unrestricted expan
sion regardless of whether it was within our capacity. If anyone advocated a po
licy of gradual advance in military operations or a policy of concentrating our
effort in local work on laying a solid foundation in the central districts so
as to secure an invincible position, they dubbed him a "conservative". Their wr
ong ideas were the root cause of the defeats sustained last August by the Hunan
-Kiangsi border area and by the Fourth Red Army in southern Hunan.

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