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Charles Giuliani Book Collection pdf versions :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Charles Giuliani Book Collection pdf versions


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2010-03-16 08:59:43

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Charles Giuliani Books (host of Truth Hertz) Included here are: 1)
Church Inc.; Charles Giuliani (January 1, 2007) There is a mass exodus
today away from organized religion, with many people forming home
churches. Why is this happening? Does the problem lie with these
"disgruntled" individuals, or is it with the churches themselves? Find
the answer in this revealing book. But be warned, its conclusions will
upset you! 2) Does God Destroy?; Charles Giuliani January 1, 2007)
Have you ever wondered why God is so loving in the New Testament, but
appears to be so angry in the Old Testament? Has this seeming
contradiction in the Bibles portrayal of Gods character ever
perplexed you? Most people, even most Christians, believe God to be an
angry and vengeful, longing to destroy those who reject Him. But is
this really an accurate representation of His character? Find out the
wonderful truth about our loving God in this revealing booklet. You
will fall in love with Him anew, and see Him in a whole new light. 3)
Who is God? Charles Giuliani (January 1, 2007) deals with the long
debated issue of the trinity. Is God three people in one? or are there
three individuals with one purpose and mind? Is there some mystical
and hard to comprehend meaning to this topic? or is it plainly laid
out in the scriptures? Is the God you worship the God of the Bible?
Before you answer this question, you may want to read this booklet,
which exposes one of the greatest scandals in the history of the
Christian church. Charles Giulianis other books. 4) An alterative
View of the Distant Past; Charles Giuliani (November 18, 2008) This
book is a multidisciplinary study that brings together a variety of
ancient physical and legendary evidences that are often brushed aside,
which collectively present an entirely different, and far more
sensible, picture of early Earth and human history from what
mainstream academic presents. Break yourself free from their chains
and discover a fascinating story of the ancient past that will blow
your mind! 5) Piercing the Fog of 911; (March 19, 2009) We
have been told that we were attacked by 19 Muslim fanatics on 9/11.
This story works well for those who dont look carefully at it. But
upon close inspection, this whole account crumbles to dust faster than
the Twin Towers did. Find out the shocking truth about who really
perpetrated this terrible crime, and why. 6) New World (dis) Order;
Charles Giuliani (March 19, 2009)The world is run by very different
people than the visible political puppets that smile at the cameras.
And these hidden elites have a terribly sinister agenda for global
domination, working from behind the curtain. This book exposes how
these criminals operate, controling our media, education system,
government, banking system--and yes, even our churches--to keep us in
ignorance as to what they are up to. After reading this study, you
will never view the world the same way again. Other books by Charles
Giuliani (not included here) A Deadly Lie: Charles Giuliani (January
1, 2007) Death is something that we all must sooner or later face. But
is death the absolute end of life? And if not, what exactly happens
after we die? And what about communicating with the dead? Is this
possible? This booklet addresses these and many other related
questions that mankind has puzzled over for countless
generations--questions which, unfortunately, have all too often been
given the wrong answers to, and most dangerous wrong answers at that!
Find out the Biblical truth behind this amazing and perplexing
subject. A Hellish Error: Charles Giuliani (January 1, 2007) What does
the Bible say about the fate of those who ultimately reject God? Today
almost everybody believes that such individuals will, at the time of
their death, immediately be transported to a place of torment called
Hell. But is this what the Bible really teaches? Is God really so
unjust and unmerciful as to allow people to suffer such a punishment
before they have stood before His throne in judgment, and to reside
there in torment for all of eternity? The answers to these questions
may surprise you. Gods True Israel: Charles Giuliani (January 1,
2007) Most Christian churches today are confused regarding the status
of modern-day Israel. Because of this confusion, their eschatology is
often extremely flawed. Find out what the BIble really has to say
about Israel in the last days.

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