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Living Utopia Vivir la Utopia Spain and Anarchy in the 1930 VHSRipESPSubsEn g :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Living Utopia Vivir la Utopia Spain and Anarchy in the 1930 VHSRipESPSubsEn g


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2010-02-21 10:37:17

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769.62 MB

Vivir la Utopia (Living Utopia) - Spagna 1930 e Anarchia [VhsRip - Esp
Mp3 - Sub Eng] [tntvillage]
Raro documetario sugli anarchici (e loro azioni e idee) durante la
guerra civile spagnola negli anni 30
a quel tempo la Spagna aveva la piu vasta comunita anarchica in
Europa, la quale costrui una societa anti-capitalista basata su idee
di eguaglianza, mutuo aiuto ed auto-organizzazione, rifiutando le
strutture di stato e di governo.
Questa utopia vivente fu in seguito distrutta con successo dalle
forze fasciste, capitaliste e staliniste dallinterno e dallesterno
della nazione.
Questo film e molto importante, quindi per favore tenete in seed !
Release infos in EN language (da TPB):
rare documentary on anarchists (and their actions and ideas) during
the spanish civil war in the 1930s
by that time spain had the largest anarchist community in europe,
which managed to build a anti-capitalist society built on ideas of
equality, mutual aid and self-organization, denying the structure
principles of state and government
this living utopia was later successfully destroyed by fascist,
capitalist and stalinist forces from outside and within the country
this is a vhsrip with hardcoded english subs, the quality is
relatively good(the most of the film is black-white archive footage)
the screenshots:
theres no imdb entry for this film
this film is quite important, so please keep seeding it at least till
Titolo: Vivir la Utopia (Living Utopia)
Genere: Documento storico
Audio: Spagnolo
Sottotitoli: inglese hardcoded
:::->Scheda tecnica del DivX<:::
Durata: 01:34:00
dati ottenuti con:
$file Living utopia.avi
RIFF (little-endian) data
tipo filmato: AVI
risoluzione: 640 x 480
framerate: 25.00 fps,
video: XviD,
audio: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (stereo, 44100 Hz)
Streams totali: 2
Tipo stream n. 0: video
Tipo stream n. 1: audio
Audio streams: 1
Orari seed: 24/24 banda (non so, azureus indica una banda dupload di
20 o 30 kb
buona visione!
se vi piace questa release forse vi interesseranno anche le atre mie

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