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The Price of Pleasure Pornography Sexuality and Relationships :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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The Price of Pleasure Pornography Sexuality and Relationships


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2009-09-08 07:51:45

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The Price of Pleasure: Pornography, Sexuality and Relationships
Directed and Produced by Miguel Picker and Chyng Sun
Co-Writer and Associate Producer: Robert Wosnitzer
Full Info:
Once relegated to the margins of society, pornography has become one
of the most visible and profitable sectors of the cultural industries
in the United States. It is estimated that the pornography industrys
annual revenue has reached $13 billion. At the same time, the content
of pornography has become more aggressive, more overtly sexist and
The film features the voices of consumers, critics, and pornography
producers and performers. It is particularly revealing when male
pornographers openly discuss their views about women and how men
should relate to them, and when male and female porn users candidly
discuss the role pornography has played in shaping their sexual
imaginations and relationships. The film paints both a nuanced and
complex portrait of how pleasure and pain, commerce and power, and
liberty and responsibility are intertwined in the most intimate
aspects of human relations.
At the same time, the film examines the unprecedented role that
commercial pornography now occupies in U.S. popular culture. Going
beyond the debate of liberal versus conservative so common in the
culture, The Price of Pleasure provides a holistic understanding of
pornography as it debunks common myths about the genre.
The film features interviews with scholars of mass media (Gail Dines
and Robert Jensen), economics (Richard Wolff), and psychology (Dr. Ana
Bridges); writers on pornography and popular culture (Ariel Levy and
Pamela Paul); producers and performers from the pornography industry
(John Stagliano, Joanna Angel and Ernest Greene); and a former
stripper/porn performer-turned-author (Sarah Katherine Lewis).
Ebook--Modern-Science-and-Anarchism-Petr-Alekseevich-Kropotkin Increase-Your-Muscle--How-To-Get-The-Perfect-Posture-In-30-days The-Price-of-Pleasure-Pornography-Sexuality-and-Relationships Why-America-Fights-Patriotism-and-War-Propaganda-from-the-Philippines-to-Iraq bbe-virgin-newlyweds-wmv clean clean1 des1 desc detail1 details obtdown page page2
A good documentary about pornography social effects !
really worth to watch !
I will seed this file around 21:45 (UTC/GMT) for about 5 hours,
hopefully everynight

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