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Chumbawamba 19822000 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Chumbawamba 19822000


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2009-07-28 09:59:22

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Chumbawamba is a Leeds based English anarchist music group. It evolved
from its punk roots, through pop, techno, and various other styles, to
the folk group which it is now. The band is known for its polyphony
and its non-conformant lyrics. The band was formed in 1982 from two
other bands based in Yorkshire, [52]The Passion Killers and [53]Chimp
Eats Banana. They released a series of albums (such as Pictures of
Starving Children Sell Records and the a capella album English Rebel
Songs) and singles on their own Agit-Pop label before moving to One
Little Indian in the early 90s.
On [54]One Little Indian, Chumbawamba released three albums, Slap!,
Shhh, and Anarchy, on which influences of techno music are noticeable.
The songs for these albums were written in a period when dance culture
was thriving and the band were also influenced by it. The music had
turned into a more popular sound, which they emphasized was to spread
the message more effectively. Touring for Anarchy, the concert at
Leeds was recorded for the live album "Showbusiness!".
The last album released on One Little Indian is Swingin with Raymond
(1995). The albums first six songs are about (the right to) love and
ends with seven songs loaded with hate (in the broadest sense of the
word: it includes a song about anorexia nervosa).
Anarchy or not, the band signed to [55]EMI by 1997. At EMI,
Chumbawamba had brief mainstream success, with the singles [56]Play
[57]Tubthumping and [58]Amnesia, taken from Tubthumper. Like Slap! and
Shhh, the album was noticeably influenced by techno music. The new
Chumbawamba fans needed for an overview, EMI might have thought. So
Uneasy Listening, a compilation of work from 1986-1998 was released by

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