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Bad Samaritans The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Bad Samaritans The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism


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2009-06-05 22:10:54

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With irreverent wit, an engagingly personal style, and a battery of
real-life examples, Ha-Joon Chang blasts holes in the "World Is Flat"
orthodoxy of Thomas Friedman and other neo-liberal economists who
argue that only unfettered capitalism and wide-open international
trade can lift struggling nations out of poverty. On the contrary,
Chang shows, todays economic superpowers - from the United States to
Britain to his native South Korea - all attained prosperity by
shameless protectionism and government intervention in industry. We in
wealthy nations have conveniently forgotten this fact, telling
ourselves a fairy tail about the magic of free trade and - via our
proxies such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World
Trade Organization - ramming policies that suit ourselves down the
throat of the developing world.
Unlike typical economists who construct models of how economies are
supposed to behave, Chang examines the past: what has actually
happened. His pungently contrarian history demolishes one pillar after
another of free-market mythology. Both justice and common sense, Chang
argues, demand that we reevaluate the policies we force on weaker
nations. Bad Samaritans calls on America to return to its abandoned
role, embodied in programs like the Marshall Plan, to offer a helping
hand, instead of a closed fist, to countries struggling to follow in
our footsteps.
-Read by Jim Bond
- 9 Hours seperated into 8 disks.

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