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Parity_Talk_May-31-2009__Morals_Dont_Pay_No_Bills_24kbps :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Parity Talk May-31-2009 Morals Dont Pay No Bills 24kbps


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2009-06-02 01:57:28

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Parity_Talk_May-31-2009__Morals_Dont_Pay_No_Bills_24kbps but they form the foundation of civilization. Commercial interests have usurped our otherwise essential priorities. Out of selfishness, the majority of people have chosen money before morals. Sadder still is the fact that they tend to think this is the practical, correct and only choice to make. Moral neglect spells catastrophe sooner or later so at the very least we're calling for change.

Above anything else we are not telling anyone what to think but rather want stimulate intellectual conversations.

Topics covered on this week’s show:

Today is White Sunday, The Pentecostes day (50 days) and also the jewish festival of Shavuot.

Also just on this day in 1987 – Athena 98.4 FM, the first legal private radio station starts broadcasting in Greece, makes us realise that the democratic process of change is something that is fairly recent.

We are hamsters in a treadmill, we need a reevaluation of the commercial system, and we are not advocating communism either but rather a fairer and balanced way of being.

As far back as ancient Greece morals mattered, even Plato & Co. realized they were the foundation of a healthy world.

We got a new assignment for Psychologists: to define and evaluate the “Pathology of greed”

As Silvio Berlusconi party scandals rock Italy and America is ravaged by scandals of a Goldman Sachs manipulated stock exchange, we the honest people wonder what will be the next big scandal that will rock our world. Is it not time to go back to a simpler way of being?

He knew about it: Marshall MC Cluhen with his enlightening analysis of foresight of today’s media maybe there is some wisdom to having a role based society rather than today’s class based society?

A reflection: can a disgruntled generation become so mad that they may be influenced to start another war? Surely we need to create a society with real value for all of its citizens.

Are the Dutch finally getting it? As a proposal for closing down all prisons in Holland is on the cards.

European elections why is nobody advocating a no vote platform?

John gives us his latest Linux update (hence todays intro clip refers to his frustration with computers).

We would like to see guest on the show any suggestions please contact us on the right banner on the front page of the show.

you can find us at :

and of course our new forum

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