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Parity_Talk_May-24-2009__Laziness_Wins nr internet radio :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Parity Talk May-24-2009 Laziness Wins nr internet radio


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2009-05-27 03:54:59

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The "best" time to do a show about laziness is when you're already half asleep. We have a planet full of people still largely motivated by the prospect of laziness rather than common sense. Pointing this out is neither easy nor popular but someone has to do it. Current events and the concept of anti-matter  discussed. Our small show differs from many because we are actively dissolving many of the traditional assumptions held by multitudes and reinforced by status, conceit, greed and so-called "power". Always remember the bad people never win because they are motivated by laziness, not truth and progress.

Today’s points covered:

Today is St Cyril and Methodius the founding inventors of both the Cyrillic and Glagolitic languages precursors to the alphabet used in Greece and Russia in modern times.

We make a disclaimer you have to have a psychological age of 25 or over to listen to our show.

As an exclusive we bring to our listener’s awareness the mega rich meeting in the USA that seemed to have slipped below the radar of the regular news.

Laziness leads to criminal behavior, we need to redefine that term. Apathy, complaining is not getting us anywhere so we need to develop new patterns.

We introduce the term psychological antimatter & read the Star Trek poem.

Laziness is based on rivalry which leads to conflict. We need to find “common ground” something that we can agree on and that will give us a workable framework. We are soul’s not factional creatures.

We encourage people to look into the ideas of time banks as an alternative to the regular economy share your resources and knowledge with other people without the use of a regular currency.

Let’s change the term Ownership to Stewardship, you are just a caretaker of assets for the next person.

Don’t go looking for the culprit hidden in the dark just change your mode of behavior, for example throw away that new Donald Trump book and other modes of useless behavior.

On the developers section we talk about: Ultraedit and Facebook.

You can find us at:

and of course our new forum

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