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PBS Independent Lens Wings of Defeat (2009.HDTV.SoS) :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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PBS Independent Lens Wings of Defeat (2009 HDTV SoS)


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2009-05-21 22:03:58

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Originally aired: 2009.05.10
"In October 1944, following crushing defeats at the hands of Allied
forces, Japans WWII military leaders dreamed up a last, desperate
strategy--the Kamikaze, an elite corps of Japanese pilots whose
airborne suicide missions were to cripple the fast-approaching U.S.
Naval warships. Few outside Japan knew that hundreds of Kamikaze
actually survived the war. WINGS OF DEFEAT explores the life stories
of four surviving Kamikaze pilots, revealing the tragedy of young men
drafted to kill themselves in a war that had already been lost. Named
for the typhoons or "divine winds" that saved Japan from a Mongolian
invasion 700 years before, the Kamikaze remain cloaked in mystery and
myth--revered in Japan for their selfless sacrifices and despised in
the West for the mayhem they wreaked on U.S. forces. When director
Risa Morimoto learned that her Japanese uncle had trained as a
Kamikaze in his youth--but had carried that secret to his grave--she
retraced his footsteps. Through interviews with four surviving pilots
and family members, a portrait emerges, revealing the Kamikaze not as
a one-dimensional symbol of either fanaticism or national heroism, but
as a complex individual caught up in a system beyond his control.
Like their American counterparts, the Kamikaze were young men, full of
talent, promise and dreams. The four pilots featured in the film were
pulled from their studies and drafted into a hopeless and brutal war.
Now octogenarians, the former Kamikaze reflect on their lost youth and
their many peers who died. They recall climbing into their cockpits,
certain they too would die--and how their will to live triumphed over
both training and culture. Japanese war propaganda films, American
newsreels and pencil sketches by doomed trainees help to illustrate
their stories. Interviews with U.S. seamen who survived Kamikaze
attacks reveal the healing power and compassion that come with age and
perspective. WINGS OF DEFEAT offers a rare window into the thoughts
and feelings of those assigned to suicidal missions, ultimately
revealing the human tragedy of war and the devastating toll exacted
from both sides of the battlefield."
more info:
Runtime: 54:37
Source: OTA High Definition 1080i
Encoding: xvid.720x416.1653kbps.mp3.160.vbr
File Size: 700MB
Support your local PBS Station by making a contribution or by
purchasing their DVDs. To help speed up future releases, please try to
seed this torrent as much as possible. Thanks.
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