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Parity_Talk_May-10-2009__We_Are_Gyroscopes_24kbps.mp3 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Parity Talk May-10-2009 We Are Gyroscopes 24kbps mp3


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2009-05-11 03:13:02

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We welcome all the honest folk out there that are looking for solutions that are workable to our woes to the show that is unique and innovative.

We must remind ourselves that we are spiritual beings and NOT just a bunch of animals who gain by way of hoarding. The real opportunities that we seek are before us if we seek self-stability, and outgrow the "ownership" phase of our spiritual existence.

Numerous topics and current events are discussed:

The gyroscopes and its french inventor Foucault

John enlightens us with a wonderful Poetry reading.

Reflections on women’s passive attitude towards greed related topics.

We analyze the culture of restaurant eating and its origins going back to the cult of Bacchus and Dionysius and passing through the cults and secret societies.

Welcome to the 21st century of feudalism

The virtues of preaching, reminding people that they should do better

Analogies to TV dinner and the movie Fahrenheit.

We analyze Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and the various factions that are fighting for power. Including a structuralist’s analysis of the different streams of thought.

The Eurobeaurocrats say we need a new already “obsolete” plan, what we need is good intent and a true desire to do good.

We do a Pseudo developers show on Linux distros.

As a side note we comment on the effect of full moon on our psyche.

As the Panic of the Week we talk about Joe Blows show.

All the best and thanks for listening

The links to our show can be found at :

you can find us at :

and of course our new forum

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