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Ralph Nader An Unreasonable Man :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Ralph Nader An Unreasonable Man


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2009-04-07 21:28:05

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An Unreasonable Man - [59]IMDB
As quietly provocative as its thoughtful protagonist, Steve Skrovan
and Henriette Mantels galvanizing documentary, AN UNREASONABLE MAN,
examines how one of the 20th centurys most admired and indefatigable
social activists, Ralph Nader, became a pariah among the same
progressive circles he helped champion. Utilizing the standard
documentary formula of archival footage, talking-head interviews, and
the occasional computer-animated graphic, the film deftly traces
Naders life and career with a robust, lively pace that follows him
from his upbringing in a Lebanese immigrant family that took its
commitment to civic engagement very seriously (the family discussed
politics at the dinner table and attended town-hall meetings together)
to his role as the leading consumer advocate of the 1960s and 70s
(when he took on the automobile industry and became responsible for
many safety features modern consumers take for granted, such as
seatbelts and airbags).
But the film really picks up steam--and takes the form of an
impassioned public debate--when it tackles the contentious 2000 and
2004 presidential runs that elicited accusations of splitting the
Democratic vote and enabling the election of George W. Bush, making
enemies of Naders most ardent supporters (including celebrity pundits
Michael Moore and Bill Maher; liberal journalists Eric Alterman and
Todd Gitlin; and even former members of Naders own advocacy group,
Naders Raiders) while cementing the continued respect of fellow
activists like Mark Green and James Ridgeway. That all these figures
appear on screen--alongside such disparate political luminaries as
Phil Donahue, Pat Buchanan, and Nader himself--stands as a testament
to the films balanced approach, one that makes a nonpartisan plea
that such a lifelong crusader for social justice not be remembered as
a mere "spoiler," but as a consummate public advocate and a living
example of the average citizens power to participate in the
democratic process.
2 hrs. 3 mins.
AVI Format
Official site: [60]An Unreasonable Man
Buy the documentary: [61]Amazon

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