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Enemy Image 2005 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Enemy Image 2005


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2009-03-08 23:06:20

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707.65 MB

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The belief that press coverage of the Vietnam War may have lost that
war for the America has meant that journalists have had limited
coverage to subsequent conflicts in Grenada, Panama, Kuwait and
Afghanistan. In an apparent reversal of policy, during the 800 hours
of the Iraq War 20,000 hours of video were shot. But reporting was
tightly controlled by the Pentagon and the images that found their way
into living rooms provided only a sanitised version of the conflict.
Enemy Image traces the ways US television has covered war, starting
with Vietnam in the 1960s and shows how the military has devised
ever-improving means of ensuring the American public never again has
the real face of combat beamed directly into their living rooms.
Comparing footage of Vietnam, including rarely-seen material shot in
North Vietnam, to coverage of Iraq and using extensive interviews with
veteran war correspondents and news anchors, Mark Daniels demonstrates
how television that once revealed the truth is now increasingly used
to hide it.
Mark Daniels has been a filmmaker and cinematographer since 1978.
Among films he has directed is Classified X which deals with racial
stereotypes in American cinema; it was 1998 Sundance [51]Film Festival
selection and won Best Documentary at the Human Rights Watch Festival.
He was director of photography on [52]Music for the Movies: Bernard
Herrmann, nominated for an Academy Award in 1992, and Nomi Song, a
prizewinner at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004. He took two years to
research Enemy Image.
Professor Martin Halliwell, Director of the Centre for American
Studies at the University of Leicester commented:
"Political films are very much on the rise at the moment with
multiplex movies such as Steven Spielbergs Munich and Stephen
Gaghans Syriana dealing with the legacy of global terrorism. One
reason for this repoliticization of film is due to the success of
documentary filmmakers exploring the role of the media in the
contemporary world: from Fahrenheit 9/11 to Outfoxed to Control Room.
Mark Danielss Enemy Image is one of the most powerful political
documentaries of recent years, which not only exposes the limitations
of TV war coverage during the Bush era, but the power-broking that
goes on behind the scenes to control images and stories."
File Size (in bytes) ..: 733,691,904 bytes
Runtime (# of frames) .: 1:23:47 (125672 frames)
Video Codec ...........: XviD 1.1.0 Final
Frame Size ............: 576x432 [=1.333]
FPS ...................: 25.000
Video Bitrate .........: 1032 kb/s
Bits per Pixel ........: 0.166 bpp
B-VOP, N-VOP, QPel, GMC ......: [B-VOP]...[]...[]...[]
Audio Codec ...........: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
Sample Rate ...........: 48000 Hz
Audio bitrate .........: 128 kb/s [2 channel(s)] CBR audio
Interleave ............: 80 ms
No. of audio streams ..: 1

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