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Eating :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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2007-10-30 19:15:04

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Movies : Documentary : DVD Rip : English



If you’re tired of all the hype and destructive misinformation out there and want facts that could save your or your loved ones’ health, Eating is must viewing.

The video presents many professionals and others who discuss how they have used this whole plant food diet to cure and reverse most chronic diseases, and to prevent their reoccurrence.

Eating, 2nd Edition: Introducing The RAVE Diet presents graphic evidence of how animal foods are not meant for human consumption, and how the suffering and death of the animals "takes revenge" on the humans who eat them by causing most of our chronic diseases, and how the switch to a all whole-food plant based diet can begin to reverse many of these diseases in as little as three weeks.

From the front cover of the video Eating:

“It’s the biggest cause of disease, disabilities and death in the U.S. today.”

“Discover why we eat like robots and die like robots. Learn how to unplug your eating habits and reverse the damage that’s already been done to your health.”

From the back cover:

“It’s time you left Dr. Atkins and The Zone behind. You’re about to open doors that will change your life.”

“A compelling and often shocking look at the standard American diet….asserts that following federal nutrition guidelines can kill you.”

~American Library Association

“A mind-blowing video experience that will forever change the way you think about food.”

~Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of Eat To Live

“Eating is a brilliant program. It provides an easy and engaging path to health through good food. I highly recommend it.”

~Neal Barnard, M.D., author of Breaking the Food Seduction

“Thank you. You’ve done us all a major service.”

~John Robbins, author of Diet For a New America

“The best tape on the subject I have ever seen.”

~Hesh Goldstein, Health Talk Radio

“A professionally executed, powerful and moving film.”

~Reuben Allen, VIP Magazine

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