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Democracy Now! July 15,2016-Bastille Day Attack-BLM :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Democracy Now! July 15,2016-Bastille Day Attack-BLM


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2016-07-15 11:54:28

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Friday, July 15, 2016


As Bastille Day Attack in France Kills 84, Is the War on Terror a "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy"?

More than 84 people are dead in Nice, France, after an attack on a crowd of people celebrating Bastille Day in the city in the French Riviera. Witnesses said a man in a large ... Read More →

Exclusive: Meet Yale Dishwasher Corey Menafee, Who Smashed Racist Stained-Glass Window

As Black Lives Matter protests have swept the country in recent weeks, we end today's show with the story of one dishwasher at Yale University who has decided to take the ... Read More →

Puerto Rico's Payday Loans: The Shocking Story Behind Wall Street's Role in Debt Crisis

On June 30, President Obama signed into law the PROMESA bill, which will establish a federally appointed control board with sweeping powers to run Puerto Rico's ... Read More →

Craig Steven Wilder on How Georgetown & U.S. Catholic Church Expanded Thanks to Slave Holdings

The controversy at Yale comes as Georgetown University struggles to come to terms with its past involvement in the slave trade. In 1838, Georgetown sold 272 enslaved African ... Read More →

Headlines →

Attacker in France Kills 84 During Holiday Celebration, France to Extend State of Emergency & Middle East Military Operations

Classified Pages on Saudi Ties to 9/11 to Be Released Today

U.N. Asks Saudi Arabia for Proof It Is Trying to Prevent Killing Children in Yemen

U.S. Presidential Hopefuls on France Attack: "We are at War"

Trump VP Pick Mike Pence Fought Against LGBT & Reproductive Rights

Case Western Students Protest School’s Decision to House Cops During RNC

Oxfam Calls for End to U.S. Embargo in Cuba

Iraqi Demonstrators Return to the Streets to Call for Ending Corruption

LGBT Rights Group Puts Up Billboard Near RNC Showing Cruz Kissing Trump

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