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Socialism in Cuba (1969) :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Socialism in Cuba (1969)


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2016-02-13 21:03:04

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"The people must be given something more than liberty in abstract terms."

- Fidel Castro

Socialism in Cuba (1969)

Author: Leo Huberman


"In 1961 the authors offered the first serious analysis of
the Cuban Revolution in Cuba: Anatomy of a Revolution.
Now nearly a decade later, these two gifted American
Marxists have returned to the island for stocktaking.
Predictably, they found much to admirr., especially in
education and health. Less predictably perhaps, they
subject the revolution's failures and mistakes to
painstaking scrutiny, especially the early stress on
industrialization. In their discussion of economic
questions, the reader will especially appreciate the
remarkable lucidity and -graceful exposition. Particularly
interesting is the final chapter in which the authors softly,
but Insistently, suggest that the regime's paternalistic
political style and its tendency to shut off political debate
may prove injurious to the very goals it hopes to achieve.
Unfortunately this book cannot be summarized in a few
words; it is an important study and deserves reading by
anyone concerned with the problems of Latin Am.erica or
of underdevelopment or with the future of man. It is
highly recommended for all university Libraries and large
high school and public libraries."

—Publishers' Weekly


1. Number of pages: 288


This is why the U.S. empire has been waging war (i.e., economic, political, and military) against the Cuban people and the revolution for over 100 years (starting in 1895). Free healthcare, free education (from head start to PhD), free housing and utilities (or subsidize), economic, political, and social independence, agrarian reform (all have access to land), equality is something intolerable to the U.S. empire (i.e., capitalist/imperialist system whether Western or Eastern -- China, etc.).

Of course, the U.S. empire's perpetual war (counter revolutionary, conquest, and plunder) against real democracy (socialism or whatever you want to call the real rule of the people) is not isolated to Cuba: El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil,Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Chile etc., Congo, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Egypt etc., Afghanistan (and the other Central Asian countries), Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc., China, Korea, Indonesia, East Timor, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Philippines etc., Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria etc., Russia, Ukraine, Greece etc. Let's not forget the "Native American" genocide to first conquer the mainland continent courtesy of the U.S. military (you know the muscle men for capital and big business) and the African enslavement and continued oppression.

For reference on the above -- READ info outside of U.S. (or any other capitalist/anti human) propaganda.

And Benjamin Netanyahu said Hamas and Isis are bent on world domination (speech on 29 Sep 2014 at the U.N.)! Of course, that speech was for the many mindless, apathetic, and the ahistorical U.S. citizens.



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