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BBC - This World 2014 - How China Fooled The World (lamare D :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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BBC - This World 2014 - How China Fooled The World (lamare D


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2015-12-27 14:15:11

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TV : Documentary : TV quality : English
I have a limited internet access...I will be on from 3 to 6 am (N.American Eastern Time) everyday until well seeded

There are so many blatant flaws in this documentary, it is hard to decide on a starting point.
It is almost as if I could call it mis-information.

I find it strange that the UK, which, for centuries had been a manufacturing hub in the world, is today a shadow of what it was once...and utterly dependent on the financial sector for its taxation base.
The same financial sector, with that of the USA...that manufactured the 2008 financial meltdown, with their derivative markets, and that needed massive injection of public money, to be baled out. The Derivative Market is not backed by anything, any tangible assets, what so ever, and, was an extortion schemes running in the Trillions of U$ (I saw figures ranging from 1,200 to 2,000 T.) ... it was, and probably still is. The bale out money wasn't part of their private profits, but is Public Money and Public Debt... the National Debt !
Those same financial sectors that are... not part of the Chinese economic boom, and wishing to take advantage of that wind fall.
They have been for all intention purposes...shut out of that market, and don't know where to go to do business, having shot their markets to hell.

They have had a very limited scope view of world economy, even though they have been the eyes and brains of the same world market, for many centuries, UK more so than the USA at that.

The 1st economy is China, since 2014...and the USA No 2.(OCDE)
To keep on saying that China is No 2, after the USA... is misleading.

One has to look at the size of the market... Chinese, close to 1/2 of world population, India 1 Billion, Europe (including Russia) 850 Millions, USA 345 millions at best...UK, yet much smaller.

World market includes less developed markets, with their lower standards of living, that can't afford the $US...but can afford the cheapest Chinese goods... and so on so forth.
China has been sailing all over the globe, ever since the 70's, and has always had a positive balance of payments... and huge reserves that has been used to buy mining rights from the 80's onward.
China has been so successful at managing its finance, that a 3rd global financial hub has appeared... maybe not in London or Wall Street, but everywhere else.

You don't manage a 1 Billion population, the same way you manage a 100k population... 1% dis-satisfaction in its local population, doesn't have the same scale...capitalist, communist, socialist and any
other "ist" societal type ...all included. The Chinese Empire, all mighty...was brought down by a hand full of its population, as low as 20,000 to start with...and 80% of discontents. It snowballed.

5,000 ago, Chinese had an accounting system, letter's of credit system...they were writing it, and so did India.
That is a lot of millenniums... and of development of economics theories, experiences ( both negative and positive to learn from), to even think, of teaching them anything.
They surely knew Capitalism, Socialism or Communism, repeatedly over the eons... millenniums before Karl Marx was born, or even before any European kingdoms, or the Vikings discovered North Americas.

They don't think in terms of now, or tomorrow... they think in terms of generations ahead.
It is not an individual fortune that is the family's, passed on generation after generation. "Generations ahead" is not the sole affair of the is at the Family level, the basic
social unit.
When considering the concept of Family in China... better consider the Extended Family...and this has always had an economic factor as a driver No 1, and politics to reckon with
Economics is at the roots of the social fabric... and had always been, no matter who or what run the country.
Written Chinese history, and for that matter India's as well... pre-date that of the Pharaohs, or ancient Greece, let alone Roman, or Jewish, and the Western worlds.

The growth rate of the Chinese economy, back in the 80's reached a pick of 53 % per year, and for those that do not know what that means...doubling every 2 years. Impressive ?
During the same 80's, while putting very hard brakes, numerous still grew in the 30 to 45 % range per year... doubling every 2 to 3 years.
All the 90's was in the 23 to 29 % range, doubling their economy every 3 to 4 years... and ever since in the 23 to 8 % range, mostly in the 12 to 19 % range, doubling every 5 to 8 years.
This is not an average 10% growth presented in this documentary... by a stunning wide margin.

In the 80's, in just the South of China... you had more NEW millionaires, on a monthly base... than the whole USA during 1 year.
I don't have the figures ever since... but it surely didn't slack off, and, we are talking in Billionaires today.
In the USA, we are not talking so much as New millionaires or Billionaires, but the loss of them.

Now back to the taxation base... if your labor force do not have an income to tax, they probably do not have a buying power as well.
What to say about the companies... if you do not have any jobs, do you have any tax paying enterprises ?
Who will pay for the governmental services ? ... and its National Debt ?

That is the Achilles' foot, of some form of Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism... or any other forms of "...ism".
Over taxation has the same effect.

I would say, it is more than high time to re-think some of the Economic Theories, and get down to Earth.
We are on a finite Globe, a finite Market, and a finite Raw Material supply...
As to say that ...somebody fooled the World... China definitely took advantage of a situation, that has been created by some fools in NYC/Washington and London of late, with the intent of fooling the World,
and shooting their own foot by the same token.
Calling that a "long term view" ? I call that a very limited view, short sighted, and misleading.

For the same amount of investments, family businesses create so many more jobs, than Governments and Multinationals combined... and in a much more efficient manner. I am all for the Private Sector.
Multinationals and their governmental bedmates... private sectors ?

The Private Sector is also the source of much more creativity, than Multinationals... and I don't bother talking about Governmental creativity at this point, except in the realm of corruption...
and that more so, of the multinationals' , than their own creative schemes.
It is more than time, to take your own future in your own hands... don't depend on incompetencies.

You won't have long to wait to see what I say, confirmed... Spring of 2016 ! ....Barely a few months, is that short enough, for you ?
I base such a forecast easily enough... on the volume and prices of raw materials ever since Sept 2015... no material, no products, no markets, no economy...and no taxes.

Best Regards


(and I did forecast all of that, early Dec 1979 ... Reagan wasn't even in power yet, some 35 years ago).

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