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Marxism and Native Americans Ward Churchill ed Winona LaDuke Russell Means and Others :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Marxism and Native Americans Ward Churchill ed Winona LaDuke Russell Means and Others


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2015-02-20 20:59:08

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marxism represents the epitome of original and superior analytical
insight into the "humanization of society", essays by Russell Means,
Vine Deloria Jr., Frank Black Elk, Dora-Lee Larson and Churchill offer
very lucid observations and suggestions while providing a fascinating
evaluation of what is probably the most influential European ideology
from a non-euro perspective. Nowhere is this more evident than in the
discrepancy between world views, pitting an all-encompassing
integration with nature and its importance for human survival against
the European stress on production and control over nature.The writings
of the marxist contributors provide some astute summations of,
primarily orthodox, marxism and how it might apply to socio-cultural
problems in non-euro societies, though in the end they do a better job
of revealing an underlying cultural chauvinism, illustrating once again
how easily doctrine leads to dogma. This is most evident in the
insignificant contribution of the Revolutionary Communist Party,
interesting only in that it verifies how ideology inevitably encourages
ignorance and arrogance on the part of its fanatics, and certainly
dispelling even the notion that communism should be seen as the
culmination of progessive socialization.
Another major strength of this book is its readability. Though it
covers some heady ground, it is presented and always written in a very
accessible manner, never floating off into verbose,
over-intellectualized abstractions. A background in marxist theory is
not necessarily required, as the essays themselves do a great job of
covering the core framework and concepts, while the main themes
addressed are done so in a manner that anyone should automatically be
able to relate to. Credit much of this clarity to the cogency of the
Native American mind. Churchill ends the book with a characteristically
direct and wise summary of how marxists can benefit from this type of
critique, which is not unique, by the way, to the American Indian
perspective, and how everyone benefits from working as allies. To
close, Churchill outlines a " rudimentary crash course" for acquainting
oneself with the Indian experience in America, with a useful
bibliography and a call to action for those who understand that the
future of the Native American determines the future of everyone on this
planet. A powerful message of utmost exigency, as relevant now as when
originally published.
A must read... a real eye-opener.
An enlightening foray into the concerns of Native Americans heretofore
unknown and/or unrecognized by white Americans. Masterfully edited by
Churchill, the book discusses Marxist ideology and the Native
Americans place within it. Particularly powerful is Russell Means
piece on the "European mentality". Truly an eye-opener.
By kevin rivera on December 13, 2002
We chose to read this book for a group project in a class on Marxism.
Its definitely worth reading if youre into Marxism, Native American
issues, or radical politics. The book is set up as a collection of
essays, with some critiquing previous input from other authors. Whether
you end up agreeing with anything the authors say its definitely food
for thought, particularly the notion raised that while Marxism does
attempt to solve problems of inequity and oppression, it ultimately
will do nothing for the plight of native peoples or to conserve the
earths resources. Russell Means (whose cred is very questionable)makes
the claim that industrialization is the enemy more so then class
conflict, which Marxism does not address. He states that Marxism will
continue to see the earth and its resources as something to be
exploited, with the only difference being that the wealth is
distributed more equitablly. So basically the earth will continue on
its downward spiral wrought on by human beings, but at least well all
have our little piece, at least in theory.
The book doesnt get a 5 only because most of its contributors engage
in the typical intellectual abstracts that "activists" with PHds love
to engage in, in order to show how down they are with revolution and
radical change. But in the meantime, while another PHd sits at his
computer and comes up with the newest scholarly academic interpretation
of what Marx means today, the top 5% of the people in this nation own
more then the bottom 95%, 30 million Americans live in complete
poverty, millions more hover just barely above it but cant do anything
to change it because we dont have a liveable wage, 40 million
Americans are without health care, were spending another 350 billion a
year on the military, and on the verge of another imperialistic war.
PHds, students, and activists: GET OFF THE INTERNET AND DESTROY THE

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