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My Guantanamo Diary The Detainees Mahvish Khan :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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My Guantanamo Diary The Detainees Mahvish Khan


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2015-02-05 23:10:47

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more similar to us than they are different.
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. In her moving debut memoir, a young journalist recounts
her time as a translator for the detainees of notorious Guantánamo Bay
prison. As a law student and American-born daughter of Pashtun (ethnic
Afghan) immigrants, Khan seeks a translator position at one of the
private law firms that represent the Guantanamo inmates, some of whom
spend years in prison before offered a "fair" trial-or even access to
counsel. Shockingly, many of the detainees Khan encounters are average
citizens placed in prison due to unfortunate circumstances, the blind
aggression of modern anti-terror tactics and the incompetence of its
enforcers; one detainee, elderly stroke patient Nusrat, was detained
after questioning the authorities regarding the arrest of his son
(accused of having ties with al-Qaeda). Revealing near-universal abuse,
both mental and physical, inflicted on the prisoners, Khans account is
plenty powerful-and thats before she travels alone to war-torn
Afghanistan in order to prove her clients innocence. Khan also
divulges her poignant reunions with several prisoners following their
release, a bittersweet breath of fresh air amid a nightmarish,
eye-opening and important account.
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.
All rights reserved.
From Booklist
Khan, the daughter of Afghan immigrants and a recent law-school
graduate, began volunteering as an interpreter for the Center for
Constitutional Rights (CCR) following the 2004 Supreme Court decision
stating that Guantánamo prisoners had to be allowed access to U.S.
courts. She first visited the base in January 2006 and met prisoners
with widely diverse backgrounds, from a 22-year-old picked up in
Pakistan, probably by bounty hunters, and turned over to U.S. forces to
detainee #1009, Guantánamo’s oldest prisoner, an illiterate old man
from the mountains of Afghanistan. Acknowledging that she had no access
to the 14 high value detainees with obvious ties to the Taliban, Khan
interviews many whose incarceration appears dubious at best. Each has a
story of being savagely beaten, deprived of sleep, sexually abused,
left in solitary confinement for months, exposed to extreme cold and
constant noise—all with no opportunity to prove their innocence.
Stunning details all but hidden from the daily news reports may bring
American readers to conclude, as has Khan, that my government has duped
me. --Deborah Donovan

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