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Invisible Hands Voices from the Global Economy 2014 :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Invisible Hands Voices from the Global Economy 2014


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2014-07-15 21:04:35

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unreasonable and perilous working conditions and unfair wages. Goria
dramatically acknowledges the legion of overlooked workers who produce
the things we use every day,expressed through the carefully chosen
words of crusaders who share each other’s individual hopes and
Powerful and revealing testimony to the injustices of manual labor,
infused with inspiration for global change." --Kirkus Reviews (4/15/14
"Compiled and edited by lawyer Goria, these oral accounts of labor
abuses and the struggles of the working poor cover most corners of the
globalized economy. Stories from workers and labor activists in
far-flung locations, including Mexico, Zambia, Bangladesh, China, and
South Korea, convey a sobering uniformity of harsh working conditions,
low wages, coerced labor, and ruthless retribution against unions and
advocates for workers’ rights. Readers hear from Bangladeshi garment
workers who struggled to get monthly minimum wages raised from $15 in
1994 to $43 by 2010; Indian farmers trapped in a cycle of borrowing,
debt, and bankruptcy; and the Chinese factory worker whose journey to
the electronics manufacturing hub of Shenzhen started with excitement
and ended with an accident that cost him a hand. A more hopeful strain
about the resilience of labor emerges in some narratives: Never think
that you’re less than the boss, counsels Ana Juarez, a Mexican garment
worker and activist. As Kalpona Akter, a Bangladeshi labor rights
advocate, says: It was hard for me to tell my story for this book and
to make my life so public but . . . if it lets another woman who has
faced exploitation and repression feel that she is not alone, and even
encourages her to speak up, then it is worth it." --Publishers Weekly
"This book, edited by attorney Goria, uses oral history to introduce
readers to 16 disadvantaged employees working in agriculture, the
garment industry, natural resources, and electronics manufacturing in
countries including India, Zambia, and the United States. These workers
discuss their experiences with unsafe workplace conditions, organized
labor, poor wages, and immigration. The interviews serve to educate
readers about the working conditions of low-wage workers around the
world and draw their attention to the challenges faced by employees
toiling in less than desirable—and often unsafe—conditions. The book
includes a time line of modern industrialization, a glossary,
historical capsules providing context for the oral histories in the
book, and an overview of the global decline of garment-industry wages.
Readers interested in the plight of disadvantaged workers worldwide as
well as the undesirable effects of globalization will be likewise
interested in this book. VERDICT Recommended for a wide range of
readers, from those served by high school libraries and public and
academic ones as well." —Nathan Rupp, Library Journal

About the Author

Corinne Goria is a writer and lawyer. Her fiction has been featured in
The Silent History, The Far East Project, The San Diego Writer’s
Anthology, and the 2011 &Now Festival. She has practiced immigration
law since 2007 and was assistant editor of Underground America:
Narratives of Undocumented Lives (Voice of Witness, 2008). She has
lived and worked in South Africa, Sicily, and Mexico. She currently
lives in San Diego, CA.

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