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Everything about Marxism :: The Progressive Torrents Community
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Everything about Marxism


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1. A. James Gregor Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism Chapters in the Intellectual History of Radicalism 2008.pdf
2. Adam Przeworski Capitalism and Social Democracy Studies in Marxism and Social Theory 1986.pdf
3. Agnes Heller Theory of Need in Marx 1976.djvu
4. Alan Woods Reformism or Revolution Marxism and Socialism of the 21st Century 2008.pdf
5. Alasdair C. MacIntyre Marxism and Christianity 1968.epub
6. Alex Callinicos The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx 1995.pdf
7. Alfred Schmidt History and Structure Essays on Hegelian-Marxist and Structuralist Theories of History Studies in contemporary German social thought 1981.pdf
8. Alfredo Saad-Filho Anti-Capitalism- A Marxist Introduction 2002.pdf
9. Allen Oakley Marx's Critique of Political Economy- Intellectual Sources and Evolution, Volume 1- 1844 to 1860 1984.djvu
10. Allen Oakley Marxs Critique of Political Economy Intellectual Sources and Evolution, Volume 2 1861 to 1863 1985.djvu
11. Andrew Chitty, Martin McIvor Karl Marx and Contemporary Philosophy 2009.pdf
12. Andrew Collier Marx A Beginners Guide 2008.pdf
13. Andrew Feenberg Lukács, Marx and the Sources of Critical Theory 1986.pdf
14. Andrew Hemingway Marxism and the History of Art From William Morris to the New Left Marxism and Culture 2006.pdf
15. Andrew Levine A Future For Marxism Althusser, the Analytical Turn and the Revival of 2003.pdf
16. Andrew Levine The General Will Rousseau, Marx, Communism 1993.pdf
17. Andrzej Walicki Marxism and the Leap to the Kingdom of Freedom- The Rise and Fall of the Communist Utopia 1995.epub
18. Anne Fairchild Pomeroy Marx and Whitehead Process, Dialectics, and the Critique of Capitalism Philosophy of the Social Sciences 2004.pdf
19. ANNE FAIRCHILD POMEROY Marx, Whitehead Process, Dialectics, the Critique of Capitalism 2004.pdf
20. Antal Matyas History of modern non-Marxian economics, from marginalist revolution through the Keynesian revolution to contemporary monetarist counter-revolution .pdf
21. Anthony Brewer A Guide to Marxs Capital 1984.pdf
22. Anthony Brewer Marxist Theories of Imperialism A Critical Survey 1990.pdf
23. Anthony Dawahare Nationalism, Marxism, and African American Literature Between the Wars A New Pandoras Box 2003.pdf
24. Anthony Green Blair's Educational Legacy- Thirteen Years of New Labour (Marxism and Education) 2010.pdf
25. Anthony Green, Glenn Rikowski, Helen Raduntz Renewing Dialogues in Marxism and Education Openings 2007.pdf
26. Anthony W. Marx Faith in nation exclusionary origins of nationalism 2005.pdf
27. Antonio Negri Marx Beyond Marx- Lessons on the Grundrisse 1989.pdf
28. Antony G. N. Flew (auth.), Arthur L. Caplan, Bruce Jennings (eds.) Darwin, Marx and Freud- Their Influence on Moral Theory 1984.pdf
29. Arif Dirlik Revolution and History Origins of Marxist Historiography in China, 1919-1937 1989.pdf
30. Asa Briggs, John Callow Marx in London 2008.pdf
31. Auguste Cornu The Origins of Marxian Thought 1957.pdf
32. Bakunin Mikhail Marxism Freedom and the State .pdf
33. Barry Maitland The Marx Sisters- A Kathy and Brock Mystery (Kathy and Brock Mysteries) 2007.epub
34. Ben Fine, Alfredo Saad-Filho Marxs Capital, 4th edition 2003.pdf
35. Benedetto Croce Historical materialism and the economics of Karl Marx, 1914.djvu
36. Bertell Ollman Dance of the Dialectic- Steps in Marx's Method 2003.pdf
37. Bertell Ollman, Edward Vernoff The Left Academy Marxist Scholars on American Campuses 1982.pdf
38. Bertell Ollman, Edward Vernoff The Left Academy- Marxist Scholars on American Campuses 1982.pdf
39. Beverley Best Marx and the Dynamic of the Capital Formation- An Aesthetics of Political Economy 2010.pdf
40. Bill Dunn Global Political Economy A Marxist Critique 2008.pdf
41. Bill Martin Jr., Bob Avakian Marxism and the Call of the Future- Conversations on Ethics, History, and Politics 2005.pdf
42. Bob Cannon Rethinking the Normative Content of Critical Theory Marx, Habermas and Beyond 2001.pdf
43. Bob Milward Marxian Political Economy Theory, History and Contemporary Relevance 2000.pdf
44. Boris Kagarlitsky New Realism, New Barbarism Socialist Theory in the Era of Globalization Recasting Marxism 1999.pdf
45. Boris Kagarlitsky The Return of Radicalism Reshaping the Left Institutions Recasting Marxism 2000.pdf
46. Boris Kagarlitsky The Twilight of Globalisation Property, State and Capitalism Recasting Marxism 1999.pdf
47. Boshu Zhang Marxism and human sociobiology the perspective of economic reforms in China 1994.epub
48. Bradley J. MacDonald Performing Marx Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition S U N Y Series in Political Theory 2006.pdf
49. Brian S. Roper The History of Democracy A Marxist Interpretation 2012.pdf
50. Bruce Philp Reduction, Rationality and Game Theory in Marxian Economics Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy 2005.pdf
51. C. L. R. James Notes on Dialectics Hegel, Marx, Lenin 1981.pdf
52. C. L. R. James, Martin Glaberman, Martin Glaberman Marxism for Our Times- C.L.R. James on Revolutionary Organization 1999.epub
53. C. William Marx The Devil's Rights and the Redemption in the Literature of Medieval England 1995.epub
54. Carol C. Gould Marx's Social Ontology- Individuality and Community in Marx's Theory of Social Reality 1980.pdf
55. Cary Nelson, Lawrence Grossberg Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture 1988.djvu
56. Cedric J. Robinson, Cedric J. Robinson, Robin D. G. Kelley Black Marxism The Making of the Black Radical Tradition 2000.pdf
57. Charles C. Herod (auth.) The Nation in the History of Marxian Thought- The Concept of Nations with History and Nations without History 1976.pdf
58. China Mieville Between Equal Rights A Marxist Theory Of International Law 2005.pdf
59. Chris Harman Zombie Capitalism Global Crisis and the Relevance of Marx .pdf
60. Chris Matthew Sciabarra Marx, Hayek, and utopia 1995.epub
61. Christian Fuchs Digital Labour and Karl Marx 2014.pdf
62. Crystal Bartolovich Neil Lazarus Marxism, Modernity and Postcolonial Studies .pdf
63. Czeslaw Prokopczyk Truth and reality in Marx and Hegel- a reassessment 1980.epub
64. Daniel Bensaid, Gregory Elliott Marx for Our Times Adventures and Misadventures of a Critique 2009.pdf
65. Daniel Brudney Marx's Attempt to Leave Philosophy 1998.pdf
66. Daniel Guerin Anarchism and Marxism 1981.pdf
67. Daniel Little The Scientific Marx 1986.pdf
68. Daniela Steila (auth.) Genesis and Development of PlekhanovΓÇÖs Theory of Knowledge- A Marxist Between Anthropological Materialism and Physiology 1991.pdf
69. Dario Fernandez-Morera American Academia and the Survival of Marxist Ideas 1996.pdf
70. Darrow Schecter The HIstory of the Left from Marx To Present 2007.pdf
71. Daryl Glaser, David M. Walker Twentieth-Century Marxism A Global Introduction 2007.pdf
72. David Carvounas Diverging Time The Politics of Modernity in Kant, Hegel, and Marx 2002.pdf
73. David Gordon Resurrecting Marx Studies in social philosophy
74. David Greenberg Crime And Capitalism Readings in Marxist Crimonology 1993.pdf
75. David Harvey A Companion to Marxs Capital 2010.pdf
76. David Leopold The Young Karl Marx German Philosophy, Modern Politics, and Human Flourishing 2007.pdf
77. David Mclellan Marxism After Marx 1998.pdf
78. David Renton Marx on Globalization 2002.pdf
79. David W. Lovell From Marx to Lenin An evaluation of Marxs responsibility for Soviet authoritarianism 1984.pdf
80. Dean LeBaron Mao, Marx, and the Market Capitalist Adventures in Russia and China 2001.pdf
81. Delos B. Mckown (auth.) The Classical Marxist Critiques of Religion- Marx, Engels, Lenin, Kautsky 1975.pdf
82. Dennis Dworkin Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain- History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies 1997.pdf
83. Dennis K. Fischman Political discourse in exile- Karl Marx and the Jewish question 1991.epub
84. Derek Sayer Capitalism and Modernity An Excursus on Marx and Weber 1990.pdf
85. Derek Sayer Marx's Method- Ideology, Science, and Critique in Capital 1979.pdf
86. Douglas Kellner Jean Baudrillard- From Marxism to Postmodernism and Beyond 1990.pdf
87. Dr Simon Tormey, Dr Jules Townshend Key Thinkers from Critical Theory to Post-Marxism 2006.pdf
88. Duncan K. Foley Understanding capital Marxs economic theory 1986.djvu
89. Engels, Lenin Marx Marx, Engels, Lenin On Historical Materialism 1972.pdf
90. Eric Engle Marxism, Liberalism, And Feminism (Leftist Legal Thought) 2010.pdf
91. Eric Hobsbawm How to Change the World Reflections on Marx and Marxism 2011.epub
92. Erica Benner Really Existing Nationalisms A Post-Communist View from Marx and Engels 1996.pdf
93. Erich Fromm Beyond the Chains of Illusion- My Encounter with Marx and Freud 2002.pdf
94. Erich Fromm Marxs Concept of Man 2004.pdf
95. Erik Olin Wright Interrogating Inequality Essays on Class Analysis, Socialism, and Marxism 1994.pdf
96. Erik Olin Wright, Andrew Levine, Elliott Sober Reconstructing Marxism Essays on Explanation and the Theory of History 1992.djvu
97. Erik Olin Wright, Andrew Levine, Elliott Sober Reconstructing Marxism- Essays on Explanation and the Theory of History 1992.djvu
98. Ernest Mandel The Marxist theory of the state 1971.pdf
99. Ernesto Laclau Politics and ideology in Marxist theory- Capitalism, fascism, populism 1977.pdf
100. Ernst Bloch Karl Marx 1973.pdf
101. Ernst Bloch On Karl Marx An Azimuth book 1971.pdf
102. Ernst Fischer The Necessity of Art A Marxist Approach 1970.pdf
103. Ernst Fischer, Franz Marek How To Read Karl Marx 1996.pdf
104. Esther Kingston-Mann Lenin and the Problem of Marxist Peasant Revolution 1983.pdf
105. Etienne Balibar Masses, Classes, Ideas Studies on Politics and Philosophy Before and After Marx 1994.pdf
106. Étienne Balibar, Chris Turner The Philosophy of Marx 2007.pdf
107. Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk Karl Marx and the Close of His System 2007.epub
108. Felton Shortall The Incomplete Marx 1994.pdf
109. FOLEY, D.K. and Foley, D.K. Understanding Capital- Marx's Economic Theory 2009.pdf
110. Francis Wheen Karl Marx 2000.epub
111. Francis Wheen Karl Marx- A Life 2001.epub
112. Fredric Jameson Marxism and Form 1974.pdf
113. G. A. Cohen Self-Ownership, Freedom, and Equality Studies in Marxism and Social Theory 1995.pdf
114. G. H. R. Parkinson Editor Marx and Marxisms Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series 14 Supplement to Philosophy 1982 1982.djvu
115. Gabriel Egan Shakespeare and Marx Oxford Shakespeare Topics 2004.pdf
116. Gary Teeple Marx's Critique of Politics 1842-1847 1984.djvu
117. Gavin Kitching, Nigel Pleasants Marx and Wittgenstein Knowledge, Morality and Politics 2002.pdf
118. Georgina Blakeley, Valerie Bryson Marx and other Four-Letter Words 2005.pdf
119. Hal Draper Karl Marxs Theory of Revolution, Book I of Vol. I The State and Bureaucracy 1977.pdf
120. Hal Draper Karl Marxs Theory of Revolution, Vol. 2 The Politics of Social Classes 1978.pdf
121. Hal Draper Karl Marxs Theory of Revolution, Vol. III The Dictatorship of the Proletariat 1986.pdf
122. Hal Draper, E. Haberkern Karl Marxs Theory of Revolution War and Revolution 2010.pdf
123. John Milios, Dimitri Dimoulis, George Economakis Karl Marx and the Classics An Essay on Value, Crises and the Capitalist Mode of Production 2002.pdf
124. John Roberts Philosophizing the Everyday Revolutionary Praxis and the Fate of Cultural Theory Marxism and Culture 2006.pdf
125. John Torrance Karl Marxs Theory of Ideas 1995.djvu
126. Jon Elster An Introduction to Karl Marx 1986.pdf
127. Jon Elster Making Sense of Marx 1985.pdf
128. Jonathan Sperber Karl Marx A Nineteenth-Century Life
129. Marx and Modernity- Key Readings and Commentary 2002.pdf



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